The Story of Joomee

Joomee works on the faces of billion-dollar campaigns for Dior, Estee Lauder, Lancome, YSL and many other beauty brands. These beautiful stars entrust their most important assets to Joomee knowing her skilled and experienced hands will ensure that their features will be enhanced and help keep them on billboards and the big screen. Working deep in the facial muscles, Joomee holds the secret key to unlock the potential that every face offers. No amount of makeup or dermatologists can recreate the same results.

Hollywood stars refer to Joomee as "The Top Facialist in The World," due to her vastly different approach to the skin and ability to change one's face.

Her love affair with the health of skin began as a child while watching her grandmother in Kyoto, Japan perform her daily facial massage rituals. In 1999 Joomee began her formal training at the leading medical and luxury spas in Japan and throughout the United States. She is certified in Kobido, Japanese Facial Symmetry Methods, Advanced Scar and Keloid Camouflage in Cosmetic Pigmentation, and more than 30 European and American facial treatments. Since founding Faceworks Inc. in 2017, Joomee combines two decades of working with clients of all skin types intimately and an intuitive approach to healing the skin to design curated facials for her clients. Since the skin's needs are ever-changing, she never repeats the same protocol, which sets her apart from the mass approach to skincare and delivers "jaw-dropping" results as The Hollywood Reporter quoted.

As a sought-after skincare expert, Joomee generates all of her clients and media exposure solely through organic referrals.

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Experience KAIKA

Joomee is here to demonstrate how facial massage can transform the skin's texture and improve the overall health of one's skin. Without using harsh chemicals or invasive cosmetic procedures, she can contour the face using her coveted KAIKA™ facial sculpting massage technique.   This trailblazing protocol combines Joomee's innate understanding of the structure of the skin, hand-selected, high-quality botanical products, an ancient eastern form of deep facial massage to lift, tone, and detoxify; a chiropractic Shiatsu technique that realigns facial structure; and a Japanese microcurrent that improves the blood circulation and helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system. Immediately, the tension in the facial muscles is released, resulting in an improvement in skin tone, more sculpted features, and an overall energized feeling. Over time, collagen and elastin in the connective tissue are rebuilt to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and radically improve skin texture and elasticity.

"I liken KAIKA to a deep breath of fresh air for your face. At its core, it harnesses facial massage, which is one of the most fundamental anti-aging methods that relies on nothing more than your own healing power. Through massage we can release tension in facial muscles, stimulating blood flow and circulation to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This triggers the reproduction and repair mechanisms and stimulates fibroblasts for more collagen production and improved cell turnover. Finally, your skin can "breathe" and begin to heal itself." ––Joomee Song 

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