Meet Joomee

Joomee Song is a Los Angeles-based esthetician of Korean heritage, born and raised in Kobe, Japan. She is known for her unique, masterful approach to “skin from within”; her tailored experience that delivers a new, innovative presentation of facial massage.

Since 1998, Joomee, having trained in the United States and in Japan, has garnered certifications in Kobido, Japanese Facial Symmetry Methods, and more than thirty European and American facial treatment methods, and has since developed her own proprietary method, KAIKA™, as a way to fuse a more Eastern approach into Western skincare philosophies in order to maximize the health of one’s skin.

Prior to launching her private practice in 2015, Joomee was, for many years, part of some of the West Coast’s most elite medical spas and luxury hotels including La Prairie Spa at Hotel Bel Air, Beverly Hills Hotel and the Huntington Spa at The Langham Hotel, Pasadena where she trained fellow estheticians and performed treatments for VIP clients from all over the world. Subsequently, she began touring, for many years, with Lady Gaga as her personal esthetician in addition to working on sets of television shows, movies and award shows.

In 2018, she opened her private facial studio, Faceworks Inc. in Los Angeles. Joomee has been awarded by the Los Angeles Awards for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020.

After years of perfecting custom botanical products of the highest quality for use with her private clients, she offers Joomee Song™, a powerful line of skincare products that repairs the skin’s cellular structure for the most potent nutrient absorption and benefits possible.

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Experience KAIKA

Facial massage is the most fundamental anti-aging method that relies on nothing more than your own healing power. It stimulates broblasts for more collagen production and cell turnover. By releasing tension in facial muscles, more blood flow is created which means more oxygen and nutrients are being delivered to the area. That is, in fact, the way for skin to “breath” and receive nutrients. In addition, having more active blood flow stimulates reproduction and repair mechanisms thus more collagen production.

Joomee combines hand selected, high quality botanical products and her own unique facial massage technique, KAIKA™.  In addition, Joomee is the first person to introduce Japanese micro-current to the United States. Distinctly different than standard micro-current, this approach sends the current through her bare hands directly to your skin.

Her goal is for people to realize that having a healthy mechanism in your face is key. A healthy mechanism delivers what any creme or facial gadget can achieve. Joomee is here to demonstrate how much facial massage can change skin texture and overall health of one’s skin and facial expression. You will actually leave the studio seeing much more clearly and breathing better. Your face and head feel lighter, and your features are tighter and more chiseled.

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