Strata Penetrates, Improving Both the Inner Health and Outer Appearance of Your Skin

Strata was developed to target your skin’s cellular structure, boost hydration, and give you a noticeably vibrant glow.

The only skin solution with the restorative power of Alpha GG sourced naturally from sake

Strata works from the inside out to repair your skin’s cellular health with carefully sourced, ethically-produced, all-natural ingredients. Penetrating the intercellular lipids, Strata  naturally strengthens your skin’s barrier function to help it retain more moisture and vitality.


Alpha GG

Found in only 0.3% of the world’s sake, Alpha GG is both potent and alive from the natural fermentation process. Made by artisans at one of Japan’s oldest sake breweries, Strata’s Alpha GG saturates deeply into each layer, replenishing and improving your skin’s elasticity from the diminishing effects of sun, pollution, and age.

•  Revives cells structure
•  Builds skin cell density
•  Supports moisture retention


Ceramide 2 & Fatty Acids

Ceramide 2 naturally makes up 50% of your skin’s intercellular lipid. Together with Fatty Acids, these two play a vital role in the strength of your skin’s barrier function. Strata infuses these skin building blocks back into your intercellular lipid, helping reinforce the barrier so it holds more moisture and emollient.

•  Reinforce skin barrier and stabilize its function
•  Increase moisture retention


Gotu Kola

Used for centuries in Asia for its dramatic healing powers, Strata includes Gotu Kola to help reduce inflammation – one of the body’s primary stress responses – at the cellular level. Rich in bioactive compounds and antioxidants, Gotu Kola speeds
up healing by increasing blood circulation and stimulating the production of Type 1 Collagen.

•  Reduces inflammation within skin cells
•  Supports cell healing and regeneration

Beauty that Starts Inside

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